The Alice Network

A beautifully written historical fiction based on real-life characters

by Carol Low

Since it’s the month of International Women’s Day, I thought it’s apt to talk about this book, The Alice Network. It’s a historical fiction about female spies during World War I. Though the story is fictional, there are characters and events in the book that are based on real life spies of that period.

The story unfolds in two different timelines that finally come to meet in present day, where closure is sought and lives can go on. On one end, we have the story of a teenager who’s hunting down a beloved cousin, feared dead, but hoped to be still alive. On the other end is a decorated heroine, who has turned into a degenerate drunk to forget her past as a war spy. The teenager’s hunt led the two to cross paths and their stories to intertwine.

I’ve read a few historical fiction that centre around world wars featuring mostly women. I’ve enjoyed all of them and this is no exception. You would most definitely get sucked into the story.

I didn’t know that some of the characters and events were based on real-life people until I finished the book and read the author’s notes. She even used their real names. Even the title of the book is based on a real spy network that existed since World War I.

So if you read this book, know that you are also going back in time, reading a piece of history and its people that not many of us knew about.

A superb book. This book is available for rent here.

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