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Welcome to Bookaholics Anonymous, a website that's all about books. I'm Carol and as you would expect me to be, a book collector, reader, admirer of beautiful book covers, and live a rather bookish life.

The name Bookaholics Anonymous might give one the impression that it's about quitting the book addiction. Quite the opposite - this website supports Bookaholics to be who they are, whether anonymously or revealing their authentic self, to encourage more people to fall in love with books.

In the blog section, I share pretty much anything and everything book related, from book reviews, book shopping, e-readers, shelf and library maintenance, book care, etc.

As much as this website serves me as a platform to unleash all my bookish love, I hope it serves you in some ways too. Happy visiting and reading. Stay bookish!

Media Coverage

I'm grateful to have opportunities to share the love of books and reading, and to have supportive members of the media to lend their reach by covering some of my community reading initiatives.

PETALING JAYA: Books can cost a pretty penny, and a bookworm could very well end up emptying their pockets in the pursuit of their reading habit.

While periodic book sales offer unbeatable discounts, it’s not always that you find the titles you’re looking for, and many a book-lover is guilty of carting home armfuls of books, all bought on impulse and often left unread for months or years to come.

And despite a new generation of readers who have embraced e-books, many more still crave for the tactile sensations that come with reading a physical book.

These are some of the reasons that prompted Carol Low to start her book rental service, called simply “The Joy of Books”, after she rekindled her long-abandoned love of reading during the long lockdowns brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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It could pass off as a birdhouse from the outside. There’s nothing feathery in it but it is a hatchery for learning.

The small structure has been drawing attention from people around the area lately.

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