February Reads

Short highlight of what I enjoyed reading

by Carol Low

Finished another 8 books this month.

Greek mythology is growing on me. I read my first of such books last month (Circe – for rent here) and was so smitten by the book that I’ve been hunting down similar books. This month’s Greek mythology read is A Thousand Ships and I enjoyed it a lot. This book is written from several women’s perspectives of the Trojan war, and it weaves the whole story together very nicely. Kudos to Natalie Haynes for such a brilliant job.

Another book that captivated me this month is The Alice Network (available for rent here), which is a historical fiction about female spies during World War I. Though the story is fictional, there are characters and events in the book that are based on real life spies of that period. A superb book.

A special book that’s close to my heart is The Mystery of Mrs Christie. It’s a novel about my favourite crime book author, Agatha Christie. The story is based on the real life event of her disappearance for 11 days in December 1926. Until today, no one knows what transpired because she did not offer any information about that period of her life. This novel offers an interesting plot about what happened.

I read a few crime/psychological thriller books this month. Out of the few, I enjoyed The Wife Upstairs which uses characters from Jane Eyre. Newcomer by my favourite Japanese crime author is also not bad. Short and easy to read.

Out of them, the one book I regretted reading is The Patient. It was intriguing and fast moving, and had me gripped and turning the pages to find out what’s going on. But the ending was disappointing and it felt lazy on the part of the author to end it the way he did. So much of build-up but it ended flat and somewhat unreal and outrageous for me.

Next month will see some more interesting line-up of books coming my way. The list Includes a few non-fiction and one that talks about MH370. It won’t be an easy read, but I shall try.

Looking forward to more mind-blowing reads with good coffee as a companion.

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