Tokyo On Foot

A beautiful graphic memoir by Florent Chavouet

by Carol Low
I just finished with this hand drawn graphic memoir. Love, love, love it! I enjoyed all the artwork and the little anecdotes and discoveries of all things Japan to an uninitiated French man. Some are hilarious.
In this book, we see the common everyday life in villages and streets of Japan rather than a touristy look-about. Which is what I enjoy more than the commercialised, perfectly packaged and airbrushed kind of things to do and see in Japan.

Here’s a gallery of pages of the ebook which I read and screenshot from my device.
I spotted this book from a bookstore and proceeded to borrow the ebook on Libby just to be able to check it out. Now that I’m done with it, I really liked what I saw. Maybe the book will make its way into my wish list and wait for the day when the price comes down, if I’m lucky…

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