The Maidens

My long-awaited read after The Silent Patient from Alex Michaelides

by Carol Low

Finished this book the same day I started it. If you’ve read The Silent Patient, it has the same kind of build-up towards intensity and suspense. The pacing is just about right, doesn’t drag you on.

So a psychotherapist is trying to make it through her grief of her husband’s death and now she’s got to help her niece cope with the trauma of her bestie’s murder. She gets into the thick of it by trying to find out who the murderer is.

The story circles around some influence of Ancient Greek mythology surrounding life and death and ritualistic sacrifices. But you don’t need to know these stories to be able to enjoy the book. It doesn’t go very deep and it’s all related to this modern day story.

Another thing that gave me pleasure in this book is the weaving in of some poetry by Alfred Tennyson. Again, it doesn’t run deep, and it was a nice touch for me as someone who likes poetry.

Coming back to this psychological thriller…It was peppered with enough suspense. It always seemed like danger lurked in every corner but you won’t know if it’s real or just the mind playing tricks. Up until I was 80% into the book, I still couldn’t get a grip on the motive nor what’s really going on and who’s done it. It could be A, B, or C… and that’s what kept me going and racing to find out.

As more characters come into focus in the book, albeit some smaller roles, I get the feeling that none of them seem normal pastedGraphic.png But it could be just me, trying to guess too much into it.

I won’t say more. Except that then I finished, it was a wow for me. I’m just very glad that this author did a great job with his second book. After such a great debut with The Silent Patient, he did not disappoint with this one.

This book is available for rent here if you’re keen to give it a go.

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