The Windsor Knot

Fun and cosy mystery read

by Carol Low

The Royal Highness sniffing out Her Majesty’s mystery book.

This has been a fun read. In my opinion, the author has a good sense of humour. Not the funny-haha type, but I appreciate the lightness she brings to the book which made me chuckle or smile here and there.

The Queen is portrayed to be a wise little old lady, someone that everyone loves. A Queen who tries to solve a murder mystery that takes place right under her nose in her favourite castle.

Honestly, before I started reading it, I thought this book would be just a warm and cute story, with the likes of a Ms Marple (by Agatha Christie) going around discreetly to solve a murder. I honestly expected an easy plot and equally easy to solve mystery.

But I am pleasantly surprised that it’s more than that, and no I did not manage to solve the crime ahead of the book. So it was a rather satisfying read. Definitely a feel-good one too.

Oh, President Obama and Michelle Obama made a cameo appearance in this book too. 

The second of this series of books will be out in November this year. I would read it when it comes. See what else the little old lady is up to!

My Royal Highness of a dog approves this book too. This book is available for rent here.

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