Why I Love My Kindle Reading Device

by Carol Low

Many book lovers prefer to read from physical books rather than an e-reader and it’s understandable. A book is a book, you can’t replace the pleasures of a real book in hand.

I started on ebooks in 2009 and have tried out several ebook devices and apps over the years. Nothing beats Amazon’s Kindle device and app for me with all its helpful features.

One of the things I like most is that I can immediately learn about something just by highlighting the word and I have access to the dictionary as well as Wikipedia to give me all the info I want, without leaving the book. 

This is especially helpful when I’m reading things I’m unfamiliar with. Recently, I read Circe, which is loaded with Greek Gods and mythology which I’m totally clueless about. With the help of such features, I learned a lot in a short time, which adds depth to what I’m reading.

For this reason, I sometimes prefer to buy the ebook instead of the book itself. If I’m reading from a book, it’s very unlikely I’ll stop and go fetch a dictionary or search the Internet to learn a word.

I’ve installed e-reading apps on my boys’ iPads to encourage them to read from there but they’re not taking well to them. They still go back to their real books. I know most parents would rather the kids stay off the screens and hold an actual book. Here I am, trying to convince mine to do otherwise! 

There are many conveniences that come with ebooks’ technologies. What I’ve shared above is just one.

I guess there will come a day that maybe, just maybe, my boys will adapt to ebooks as well. As it is, the school textbooks for this year are now in digital format already.

With time, I believe ebook reading devices will only improve in functionality as technology advances. I’m looking forward to see what else will come.

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hh 15 April 2021 - 6:13 PM

I have a kindle paperwhite. It stays by my bedside, for those nights when I couldn’t go back to sleep for whatever reason. It also accompanies me to many overseas trips when books are too heavy to be in the luggage. Yes, I love the dictionary feature too!

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