The Way Through The Woods

A memoir by a first time Malaysian author, Long Litt Woon

by Carol Low

I decided to read this book because it’s written by a fellow Malaysian. Interestingly, she wrote this book in Norwegian, and this is a translated version. This book is partly a memoir during her mourning period after her late husband’s sudden death, and also about her journey into the world of mushrooms. 

The latter helps her with her grief, and it’s fascinating to learn that there are worldwide societies that go into mushroom hunting and exploration. 

I wouldn’t have picked up a book about mushrooms, but it’s interesting to read from her perspective as she started out as a form of recreation. She ended up becoming a mushroom inspector! Never knew there was such a thing. 

She shares many insights on different kinds of mushrooms, even one that’s considered taboo – the magic mushroom.

Those who are dealing with grief may find some solace in this as she shares her difficult journey and how her new hobby has helped her along the path.

I wonder if writing this book itself has been helpful to her in coping with her loss. I wish her well and hope she will continue writing more after this one-of-a-kind book debut.

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