The Butterfly Garden

Quite a psychological thriller by Dot Hutchison

by Carol Low

In October last year, there was a sale for a bunch of Kindle books. Each was about RM3. I didn’t read the synopsis of the books, and only looked at the number of ratings and stars beside the titles. As long as they looked like a high number and plenty of stars, I just clicked on Add to cart.

This book was one of them. Last night my itchy hand wanted to add another book to my polyreading, and I picked this. Without any synopsis and not even knowing the genre, I started reading with zero clue what the book is about.

I ended up with a very, very late night.

Finished the book before I went to sleep! pastedGraphic.png What a story! This book sure messed with my head. I wasn’t sure anymore what to think of the many events and characters of this story.

It’s twisted, it’s horrific, but at the same time there seems to be lots of love sprinkled all around. It’s messed up. But I loved it.

I just discovered that this is book 1 of 4 in this collector’s series. This author is new to me, so it looks like I have a new one to follow.

Anyone who is into thrillers, and want to go into blind reading like me without reading the synopsis (I like surprises like that), you may want to try this out.

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