Kids Love The Street Library

Timely provision of books during this prolonged lockdown

by Carol Low

Yesterday some neighbours gave me some feedback that their children love the little street library. They’ve been by, and borrowing books several times in the last 3 weeks since we started. 

A mother shared that her son has been borrowing from his school’s library all this time, but the school library hasn’t been available since MCO. He found comfort and some joy in this little one.

Some come in the morning while still in their pyjamas, and some come in the nighttime too. Some solar lights would come in useful for those who come in the dark! 

In recent days, I’ve put in more children’s books because they are the more active users than adults. So I’m now hunting for more books for children of all ages, and also Harry Potter because there are several requests for them, but the library only has book 5 and 6 for now.

Some of these photos are shared by happy parents who are glad to see their children eager to visit and find new books to read every few days.

This was my main objective of setting up the street library. To encourage people to read and love reading, and even better if they start at a young age. 

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