Matthew McConaughey’s memoir

by Carol Low

I was on hold for this book for some time and when it finally became available, I savoured it in 5+ hours spread over 3 days.

This is Matthew McConaughey’s memoir. An intimate look into his life as a child, his upbringing and the dynamics of his family, his career and how it all came about to the artist he is today, his private life and thoughts, his spiritual journey, and his poems and journal entries!

This memoir is a very easy read, written in such a casual and friendly tone that you forget he’s a celebrity. It’s very funny at times; his parents’ antics had me bursting out in laughter, even after I put down the book and was trying to sleep!

I never knew much about him before reading this. I only know that I loved watching him in The Wedding Planner. Didn’t even know that it was the movie A Time To Kill that first made him famous.

The stories he shared about himself in this book are not star-studded. It’s also not a “from rags to riches” kind of story. It’s more of a sharing about his down to earth lifestyle(somewhat nomadic!) and lessons he gleaned about living.

I really enjoyed this book. I read a borrowed copy from the library, and I think it’s one of those books that’s worth keeping on your bookshelf. There are many life lessons and sayings in there that makes you contemplate more about life.

This book doesn’t seem to be available in our local bookstores yet. Wonder why… I hope it’ll come soon. This is a keeper.

Greenlights is available for rent here.

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