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To create my own library catalogue

by Carol Low

Years ago, I used to buy some books in duplicates because I forgot I already own a copy (or two!)

I decided to catalogue them once and for all. It does help to know what I have anytime I refer to a catalogue, and to create a spreadsheet and do data entry of each book is too much work!

So I bought an app to do that, and it’s one of the best things I bought to organise my collection. pastedGraphic.png I chose the BuddyBookapp.

I like how easy it is to just scan barcodes to add on to the catalogue. When I used to wait in long queues at book sales to check out, I would start scanning the books into the app in all eagerness. And if I already have that book, upon scanning the app will prompt me that it’s a duplicate.

Saved me quite a bit of money avoiding duplicates so that I can buy more of other books!

Here are some media to share on how it works.


Image gallery of screenshot from the app:








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