A Gentleman In Moscow

My absolute favourite - so smitten by the beautiful writing!

by Carol Low

A Gentleman In Moscow (available for rent here!) is a work of fiction about Count Rostov who is sentenced to a lifetime of house arrest in a famed hotel in Moscow. Instead of living in a luxurious hotel suite, he is given a small attic-like room to make his home.

And so begins the journey of the book, describing the decades of Count Rostov’s life confined within the hotel.

It starts off slowly, so you’ll need to be patient to get through it. Trust that you’ll be well rewarded for your patience, as it unfurls into a beautiful story. The book offers a big dose of heart-warming moments, good humour, and some gentle twists as it progresses.

I took a considerably long time to finish reading it. Admittedly, this book isn’t an easy read. The author has a writing style of his own that’s uniquely beautiful. It takes a little getting used to. Once you get the hang of his sense of writing, reading becomes a breeze and a wonder!

I love this book for both the story and the writing. The latter awed the writer in me. What I would give to be able to write like that!

The ebook that I read was a loan from the library. I love it so much that I’m going to get my own copy. Maybe a physical book. I want to re-read snippets of it, to savour his tasteful writing over and over.pastedGraphic.png Can’t get enough of it just yet.

This book is also being made into a TV series. I can’t wait to watch it when it comes. I wonder who will play the charming Count Rostov.

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